Human Resource Management

Simplify and automate your HR process to spare your time and lets you focus on building your business.

Offering you the ability to produce payroll for your workforce and deal with your procuring procedure.

Our online HR software takes care of your employees. Collects employees record and store securely at one place, ensures instant legal compliance and policies. Automatised HR software to reduce the time and effort in finding talent, job posting, employee data updating, expense logging, and approval.

Gain higher morale, increased retention rates, and better employee productivity with our employee and talent management tool which helps you to ensure that your employees are duly recognized and rewarded so that they will stay with your business.

Give you an efficient way to scale up your workforce easily, simplified candidate tracking and improved on-boarding of new employees.

Empowers you to automate and control worldwide or local HR procedures to expand profitability. Keep track of your overall business activity.

Gather meaningful insights about your workforce, expenses, on-boarding, sickness and leave, performance evaluations, attendance and shift scheduling with the subtleties relating to the organization.

A flexible way to over see co-workers of a team and their payroll by generating salary slips.

Reorient your HR procedure to assemble a community work environment for your employees to flourish.

Payroll Managemnet


Provides Training

Manage Employee Database

Performance Management System

KRA/KPI Report

Employee Roles & Expenses Claim

Add Information About New Employee

Loans And Advances

Travel And Expenses Claim

Leave Management

Orientation & Performance Appraisal