Move to Smart Production, Inventory, Accounting Management & B2B Marketplace - Move to Lasting ERP

Lasting ERP is Cloud based ERP software & B2B Marketplace for manufacturers, Traders and suppliers, which streamline your complete business flow. We help small and medium sized entrepreneurs to grow their business online and manage their business activities by Cloud ERP. Lasting ERP covers a wide range of functionalities, including accounting, production management, inventory management, sales & distribution, data entries, purchase management, human resource management (HRM), and customer relationship management (CRM). We are providing customizable ERP software for the manufacturing industry that is powerful and easy to use for small to midsize businesses. Take Control of your all business activities at one place and always stay ahead in the competition. Lasting ERP provides best enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in India and enabling people to work in a simpler smarter way. We are also delivering cloud ERP consultant services to customers, so they can do work effectively and creatively.

Key Modules of Lasting ERP

Best Accounting Software

Accounts management is the core area of an organization. Online accounting software allows users to make account entries, create & share ledgers, balance sheets etc. and provide real time financial status of the organization. Lasting ERP is GST accounting software that is suitable for small to midsize businesses. It is most trusted and secure accounting software for manufacturers, traders & suppliers all over the world. Lasting software account module streamlines the core accounting operations and capture new opportunities.

Client Relationship Management

Customer relationship management CRM system is the best solution to manage all interactions with current and potential customers in any organization. Through client CRM software you can easily view customers’ history and use it in data analysis to improve business relationships with customers. Online customer relationship management software track all business contact details at one place. So you can easly track your customers, vendors, agents and trading partners contact detail.

Human Resource Management Software

HR management solutions is used for effective management of people in a company or organization. Through HR software you can easly handle the recruitment process, history of the employee, maximize employee performance in service. Lasting Cloud-Based Payroll Software easly manage employee salaries, incentives related data and make more transparent payroll process. Lasting ERP most trusted cloud HR software for manufacturers, traders & suppliers all over the world.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory control software manages stock control and inventory of an organization. You can’t maximize profits without knowing: how much stock you have, how much you have received, how much to pay suppliers, and when to order more? Inventory management system module provides all this, so you can allocate inventory to orders shipping today, tomorrow or a month later. Through stock maintain the software you can simply track inventory across locations and makes sure you have adequate supplies at the right time and at the right place.

Production Management Software

Online production management software module monitoring and controlling any particular production or operation. All production activities like material planning, billing, production planning, costing, machine handling and maintenance etc. can be streamlined by using Lasting production tracking software. Our Online Production Planning Software track all production work and make changes based on the real data. You can try our basic Free production management software module to handle all manufacturing processes, from the shop floor to the top floor.

Purchase Order Software

Online purchase order software module is all about managing the ordering, receipt, review and approval of items from suppliers. You can easly manage sales and purchase orders, create packages and shipments, and send delivery updates through Order Management Software. In any company purchasing ensures right materials are purchased at right price from right suppliers. This easy purchase order system is best suits for all type of businesses like manufacturers, traders, suppliers etc. Use our basic Free purchase order software to take control of your all purchase activities at one place.

Free B2B Marketplace

We provide Free B2B Marketplace that are connecting buyers with suppliers. This platform gives the power of new technology to your business to engage with users and customers. We specially designed online B2B plateform for manufacturers, traders and suppliers to add their products & promote their products or services to get genuine leads. Lasting ERP is efficient Business Boost for small & medium businesses.

What problems we have faced?

While running and managing more than one complex businesses, he became frustrated with the resistible multi-channeled business and so many problems occurred like:

  • Inaccurate inventory numbers as handled on paper or on separate software
  • Lack of internal communication
  • Low customer retention turns to reduced product sales
  • Time-consuming manual data entry- leads to increase overheads
  • Redundant or contradictory data across the company
  • lack of complete reporting and real-time visibility with cross-department
  • Unplanned production and manufacturing of components, capacity, raw material etc.
  • Complex day-to-day business operations
  • Difficulty in supplier and customer judgment while selling or purchasing goods
  • Struggled for managing corporate payment solutions, uncertain and additional costs imposed by regulatory bodies
  • Difficulty in handling unexpected business expenses and distorted financial management

Business solutions for all industry-specific problems

So in 2018, Lasting Software began developing LastingERP and during its development, they understood this could help numerous companies who were battling with a portion of similar difficulties. Rather than traditional standalone systems that need to maintain the business processes, which was simply relied upon keeping up handwritten documents to track all the business processes, our b2b integrated cloud ERP has tackled those business issues. LastingERP is a tremendous technological invention and has numerous business solution and benefits on its own way, most importantly it, solves the problem of resistible multi-channeled business, such as:

  • It eliminates unnecessary operations and data.
  • Optimizes business processes.
  • Allows accurate and timely access to reliable information.
  • Reduction of time and costs of litigation.
  • Improved communication and collaboration.
  • Greater productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces operational costs and resulting in increased sales.
  • Solves the problem of visibility and real-time reporting of data.
  • Now able to share information between all components of the company.
  • Helps to create a more uniform culture.
  • The platform offered a cost-effective and time-saving way for new opportunities, current market trends, and competitors.
  • Minimizes the complexity of the day-to-day business operation.
  • Offered virtual cluster of similar industries to grab more business opportunities and strengthen online presence.
  • Provides better financial management and cut the additional, uncertain cost and losses to the business.
  • The platform helps businesses to reach new, trusted and verified buyers, suppliers, clients, and markets.