Our Story

Our dream is to be the game-changer in ERP industry.

LastingERP is an online B2B marketplace, connecting new or existing buyers and suppliers and promote themselves globally. Therefore, the channel focuses on providing a platform to SMEs as well as Large Enterprise. Above all, we are passionate about helping manufacturers, retailers, and distributors drive profitable, competitive business to business initiatives.

LastingERP is launched in the year 2019, consequently, it is maintained and promoted by LASTING SOFTWARE PVT. LTD., with the mission to empower industries or enterprises to grow their business by making it easy for their customers to order the right products from them, in-person and online, under the innovative vision and guidance of Mr. Vishnu Gupta, Managing Director.

What problems we have faced?

While running and managing more than one complex businesses, he became frustrated with the resistible multi-channeled business and so many problems occurred like:

  • Inaccurate inventory numbers as handled on paper or on separate software
  • Lack of internal communication
  • Low customer retention turns to reduced product sales
  • Time-consuming manual data entry- leads to increase overheads
  • Redundant or contradictory data across the company
  • lack of complete reporting and real-time visibility with cross-department
  • Unplanned production and manufacturing of components, capacity, raw material etc.
  • Complex day-to-day business operations
  • Difficulty in supplier and customer judgment while selling or purchasing goods
  • Struggled for managing corporate payment solutions, uncertain and additional costs imposed by regulatory bodies
  • Difficulty in handling unexpected business expenses and distorted financial management

Business solutions for all industry-specific problems

So in 2018, Lasting Software began developing LastingERP and during its development, they understood this could help numerous companies who were battling with a portion of similar difficulties. Rather than traditional standalone systems that need to maintain the business processes, which was simply relied upon keeping up handwritten documents to track all the business processes, our b2b integrated cloud ERP has tackled those business issues. LastingERP is a tremendous technological invention and has numerous business solution and benefits on its own way, most importantly it, solves the problem of resistible multi-channeled business, such as:

  • It eliminates unnecessary operations and data.
  • Optimizes business processes.
  • Allows accurate and timely access to reliable information.
  • Reduction of time and costs of litigation.
  • Improved communication and collaboration.
  • Greater productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces operational costs and resulting in increased sales.
  • Solves the problem of visibility and real-time reporting of data.
  • Now able to share information between all components of the company.
  • Helps to create a more uniform culture.
  • The platform offered a cost-effective and time-saving way for new opportunities, current market trends, and competitors.
  • Minimizes the complexity of the day-to-day business operation.
  • Offered virtual cluster of similar industries to grab more business opportunities and strengthen online presence.
  • Provides better financial management and cut the additional, uncertain cost and losses to the business.
  • The platform helps businesses to reach new, trusted and verified buyers, suppliers, clients, and markets.

Industrial Built

Role Specific



Future with us

LastingERP is a unifying trading platform along with business solution for buyers, sellers and manufacturers. We are unique in variety of reasons including:

  • Improved visibility for new and existing businesses.
  • Amazing and cost effective we presence and marketing
  • Pursue good quality leads.
  • Automatized engagement with more customers.
  • Reduced manual entry to save your time.