Online ERP for small business

Want to manage your Company's
operation on cloud?

LastingERP all-in-one Customer Service platform has all the
tools your teams need to deliver better and intelligent
customer service.

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LastingERP offers full featured, flexible and easy-to-use
ERP and CRM software solutions to help you make
better decisions, solve your business challenges and inspire your growth.

Online ERP for small business


A complete operations platform for brands, retailers and wholesalers

Online ERP for small business


Purchase Order Software

  • Online purchase order software helps to create and maintain accurate records.
  • Purchase orders create a paper trail and allow you to track how your staff spends each money.
  • Get direct integration by account for purchase bill & debit note.
  • It’ll offer integration with inventory management
Online ERP for small business


Best Production Management Software

  • Lasting CRM software is most trusted cloud based software for manufacturers, traders & suppliers all over the world.
  • All production activities can be streamlined by using this production tracking software.
  • It helps to improve production which is correlates with product improvement as well.
  • Using a purchase order system will save you time and money too.
Online ERP for small business


Client Relationship Management Software

  • Lasting CRM is improving customer satisfaction.
  • Through client CRM software you can easly view customers' history and analys data to improve business relationships with customers.
  • It allows you to make cost-efficient marketing program.
  • Set sale targets for marketing team and also get auto leads from B2B portal
Online ERP for small business


Best Accounting Software

  • Lasting ERP is GST accounting software that is suitable for small to midsize businesses.
  • It helps you save a lot of time compared to manual bookkeeping.
  • You can create and maintain financial records continuously and get in-depth reports any time you wish.
  • It is very simple online accounting software, where you can easly maintain your financial data.
Online ERP for small business


Inventory Management Software

  • Inventory control software manage stock control and inventory of an organization.
  • It helps you figure out exactly how much inventory you need
  • Smart inventory management software easly work for multiple business locations.
  • Lasting ERP understand the needs of manufacturers distributors,wholesalers, so we provide online inventory system which is suitable for all your requirements.
Online ERP for small business


Human Resource Management Software

  • HR management solutions will improve the efficiency of your HR team
  • HR software easly handle all recruitment process, history of the employee, maximize employee performance in service.
  • It’ll improve your employee experience
  • It’ll help you make better decisions
Online ERP for small business


Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Cost savings over the life of the contract
  • Reduce Administrative Overhead
  • Central Visibility
  • Generate revenue from AMC
  • Visibility of products warranty
Online ERP for small business


Project Management System

  • Project Planning And Scheduling
  • Project Structure
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Counters and roles
Online ERP for small business

Amazon/Flipkart Integration

Amazon / Flipkart Marketplace Integration

  • Eradication of repetitive data entry and associated human errors
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Fast Synchronization
  • Better Inventory Management
  • Global Sales and Steady Growth with integration

Success Stories

Our Client, Our Pride

purchase order software for small business

Lasting software offers transparency and trustworthiness that we would expect from a partner that we are selecting to have a long tem relationship with.

Cipher Ads

purchase order software for small business

It has been a very positive experience working with Lasting software. This was one of my good decision inlife that i choose to work with Lasting software. The team is very dedicated. They listern to what customers want and that is one of the biggest strengths. It has been a joyful experience as well as the product has hit the mark. Thank you for everything.


purchase order software for small business

I think Lasting software is a passionate enough about what we're fdoing and really wants to help grow and support that. I think that's why our relation has lasted as long as it has and continue to do so..

Katora Farm & Stud

purchase order software for small business

One of the main reasons that we choose LastingERP was that this software was designed for the manufacturing industry. It is easier to use. I would not hesitate to recommend Lasting ERP to any client, as I know they will receive a world-class service.

Raj Doddanavar

purchase order software for small business

We needed a solution that would merge all departments from Finance to Manufacturing and which would integrate with Inventory, Sales, Purchase, and Production etc & LastingERP provide us a complete solution.

Santosh Varale

Purchase Head
purchase order software for small business

LastingERP helped our company grow by 25% without adding more staff. It has increased our productivity.

Maninder Singh

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