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Azuka Flag Hosting Rope, Halyard Flag Pole Rope

Flag Pole Rope

3400 Min. order of 1 pieces.

Cattle Rope


140 Min. order of 1 pieces.

Electric Fence Rope

Speciality Ropes

250 Min. order of 1 pieces.

GRC Wall Cladding Tiles

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

55 Min. order of 1 pieces.

GRC Jali

glass reinforced concrete

350 Min. order of 1 pieces.

CRM Module with Support

20 Min. order of 0 pieces.

SG-411 (Terrazzo Tile)

concrete products

50 Min. order of 1 pieces.

Submersible Pump Rope


0 Min. order of 1 pieces.

Fishnet Twines(Domestic)

Fishing & Shipping

180 Min. order of 1 pieces.


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AZUKA Battle Rope (1.5

sports and fitness

2599 Min. order of 1 pieces.

AZUKA Battle Rope (1.5

sport and fitness

2350 Min. order of 1 pieces.

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