Operate or manage your GST ready finance with our reliable accounting software to cut your loses.

We Provides our customer incorporation of various taxes in GST for advantageous filling and decreasing exchange hindrances.

LERP is a GST-prepared stock and accounting software that encourages you to produce solicitations effectively, deal with your records, accommodate bank exchanges, track stock precisely, create reports, and document GST returns easily.

LERP accounting encourages you to oversee whole endeavour savvy planning and intending to make exact budgetary spending plans and estimates.

Records Receivable capacitate you to report a total record of your business receivables easily. Cushioned by the automated planning instrument.

Effectively make Purchase Bill through the purchase order, increment proficiency, straightforward, consumer loyalty and give legitimate computations.

Midway track all your money related accounting information inside a solitary system. Authority over the check and turn upward of recorded acquiring information.

Keep your head above the water to endure monetarily.

Experience unparalleled accounting features, accurately with precision.

Create Ledgers

Maintain Balance Sheet

Payment Bill Generation

Receipt Note

Bank Reconcilation

Add Accounts

Maintain Cash Flow Statements

Profit & Loss Statement

Reporting of GST-R1 & GST-3B

Trial Balance

Easy To Use

Clear Representation Through Dashboard