About LastingERP

What exactly is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is basic solution to manage & automate business operations by gathering all the information on single platform. ERP software integrates various functions of business like inventory , CRM, accounting, Human resource management into one complete system . It is powerful system that makes business processes more efficient and powerful.

What exactly is Lasting ERP?

Lasting ERP is a powerful multi user database which helps you to meet your business requirement. We provide best solution to manufacturers , distributors, and retailers.

Benefits of Lasting ERP ?

Easy to use, efficient, provide 24×7 support and helps you to grow your business. We provide flexible pricing.

Can I pay via credit card or wire transfer?

Yes, you can make payment through credit card or through wire transfer.

Is Lasting ERP is free ?

It’s free for initial 3 months and after that you can buy our package according to your business requirement.

Is support avaliable free of cost or is it chargeable ?

We provide support free of cost without any hidden charges.

How long will it take to implement?

If your company’s employees are free to learn how to use the system. The key to successful implementation is to let you employee explore Lasting ERP. Typically a company will be using the basics of each module a couple of weeks after installation, but implementing all the features of the system can take time.

Our staff is not use to computers. Will they have problem using Lasting ERP?

No, it is user friendly and can easily use the software without any hassle.

Can Lasting ERP provide training if we need them?

Yes, we provide online and as well as on-the-site training if you think it is required.

Will Lasting ERP run on older PC's?

Yes, as long as they are running on window XP or later.