Inventory Management

Give your business acceleration with LastingERP inventory management software to make processes streamlined

Achieve more, spend less with our Just-in-time cloud-based inventory management software

You can easily cut down your production process costs. Make goods when orders come in, not before. Our Just-In-Time inventory system greatly reduces the risk of dead stock. You can easily increase and gain real-time access to available inventory, keep a record of every unit, manage orders with our powerful warehouse management software.

Multilocation warehouse management system

Consolidation of JIT(Just in time) helps you to lower the costs of managing multi-location warehouses with LastingERP . You can easily transfer and adjust stocks at multi-location warehouses. Gain real-time access of your warehouse with a single application.

Get more with our order management software

Embellished with an order management tool for multichannel selling to sell more and earn more profits. All your orders, inventory, suppliers and customer data are synchronized with your inventory through one system. It makes easy to track orders.

Automation of daily processes

Enables you to avoid stock-outs, make re-ordering points, and get automatic stock adjusted whenever sales and purchases are made with a complete stock management software. Gain a holistic approach to inventory and efficiency in the supply chain.

Analyze and track your business performance

Get all necessary information at one place and make a smarter decision with real-time visibility of your stock, track your expenses, get real-time inventory valuation to know your true cost by units, locations or warehouses. Keep track of every product you buy and sell.

Online warehouse management gives permeability to improve productivity and lessen the risk of out-of-stock

Warehouse management software features your need to get comprehensive visibility and management of material flows

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