ERP for Production Planning

Planning management software is the best utilization of all the resources available in the industry. Production planning not only plans the production next it also makes sure that machines and equipment are well maintained. The production planning process assists to collect several information and data from modules and sub-modules of the ERP system and then evaluate it to plan the production. It helps to take the number to be produced from the sales process after then production planning takes up. This process also optimizes the manufacturing capacity, raw materials, material resources, and components.

Features of Production Planning

Material Functionality : Resource management tools reckon badly on the raw material. The raw material is given by the material management process. Manufacturing ERP software for production planning removes the manual entries of the material and unclogs the ERP software to make entries automatically.

Equipment & Machines : Project scheduling software aids to calculate the machine downtime and maintenance time by exact analysis of the system. It helps the production to give a steady flow.

Routing: This module includes several operations such as path fixation, analysis of operation details, and time limit for operations. This breakdown is done via routing.

Evaluation & Dispatching: When the order for raw material is released, the production activities start. Material, tools, and other elements are supplied to the operator and this module ends with an evaluation and system located where improvements are required.

Benefits of Production Planning Module in ERP

The ERP Production Planning Module is a critical component of ERP software. It allows for the planning and execution production processes in a manufacturing environment. In addition, the module provides benefits such as:

Types of Production planning ERP systems include

Master Production Schedule (MPS): It helps to schedule the particular material or product to produce in a given time. They are created by the software and customized by the user.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP): This system is helpful for production planning and scheduling. It helps to know about the availability of raw materials. This system can be handled fully manually or automated by software.

Capacity Planning: It helps to find out the capacity of the organization to manufacture the products as per the demand.

Possible mistakes while using production planning in ERP

Not Estimating the Production Capacity and Priority: When you’re about to start a production, you must remember that estimating the capacity is the heart of the manufacturing process. That is why when you skip this process, it’s most likely that your production process will be impeded.

Incorrect Routing: Routing is the activity that directs manufacturing production process sequence. It starts from deciding the what materials, machines, and equipment that are going to be used in the process until it results in finished goods.

Unconnected Production Floor: When your business grows, it starts to feel impossible for you to monitor the production process directly. The planning and scheduling will also be more difficult. There is a time when you don’t know the condition in the production floor, but you already confirm a complex customer order.

Using Out of Date Production Tools: Manufacturers often postpone or ignore the necessity to update their production tools. This is the reason why the production capacity and priority cannot be decided accurately.

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