Tutorial Videos

Flow Chart :

  • Manage Sales Orders and Product Availability in the “Sell” screen,
  • Use Lasting for Make to Order and Make to Stock workflows,
  • Use the “Make” screen for production planning and task management,
  • Track Material Availability and purchase missing materials.

Masters of ledgers :

Setting up Credit Limit of customers :

Setting up Temporary Credit Limit of customers :

Sale Order Material Reservation:

GRN to Purchase Bill:

Making Voucher Entries such as Payment Paid and rcvd, Expense Voucher, Accounting Invoice,:

Move from Unit to Another:

Sale Return CN and credit Note:

Ledger Report :

Trial Balance :

Day Book :

Checking of accounts :

Send Ageing Mails to your customers :

Ageing Report of your Suppliers :

Other Reports such as Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet:

Audit Trail:

Returns GST R1 and 3B: