Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Fun at LSPL

Lasting Software Pvt. Ltd, we strongly believe in teamwork. A great team leads to the growth of the  company. As the saying goes ‘United we stand’ , we focus on creating work culture that promotes more employee engagement activities.

Company Culture

At Lasting Software Pvt. Ltd. ,we share the common vision with the employees.There is an open communication between the managers and the staff. Management engages the team regularly to identify their career paths and make them excel in it. Trainings are held regularly to promote self growth. We focus on bringing innovative environment that brings new ideas to life.

Ideal Candidate

An ideal candidate should be enthusiastic about his work. He should have a feeling of oneness with the company.His emphasis should be on personal development as well as company’s growth. He must have good knowledge of Networking, Security and Monitoring, Backup data records, Deploying Software , Protecting data, Server management and Maintain a configuration site. etc.The HR team is always looking out for zealous people who have a positive approach towards life.

Training Activities

  • Working for a leading IT software company, getting the opportunity to work on many different kinds of projects and new technology.
  • Invest on learning new technology and gain your experience.
  • Promote candidates internally.
  • Offers lots of professional development opportunities
  • Office Environment -We nurture the new ideas to percolate through the organization.

Team Bonding

Team bonding is the foremost part of our culture. It brings out your hidden talents. It helps in bridging the gap amongst the team members. By working in collaboration with others,it helps in benefitting from each other strengths.

Recreational Activities

All work and no play makes the routine mundane. At LSPL, recreational activities are of huge importance. The combination of work and play bridges the communication gap between the employees. It brings out a positive company culture.